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If you purchase a property in Turkey, according to the FOREIGN LAW on foreigners who have been legalizing in the 183 countries on 11/04/2013, a one-year residence permit will be renewed every 3 years. After five years of residency in Turkey, of course, if you do not receive any negative opinion during your residence in Turkey, you will be accepted into the citizenship. 

No, according to Turkey's immigration law, it is not possible for foreigners. The residence can only be acquired by buying a property.

Yes, you can open a bank account after purchasing a property and receiving a residence. If you present one of the electricity, gas or water bills below your name and address, we may also open an account at the International bank. 

According to Turkish law, inheritance law for foreigners is based on the principle of mutual action. This law has the same definition as a Turkish citizen for a foreign citizen. In the event of formal and legal will, the Turkish Government shall act according to this testament. Otherwise, the inheritance will be legally inherited to the spouse and children. 

According to the new rules, obtaining citizenship in Turkey has been facilitated. In this way, you can acquire Turkish citizenship by purchasing 250.000 dollars worth of immovable property. When you were forced to buy a property worth $1 million before. But if one of the common questions is you buy a property less than $250,000, do you have a chance to get citizenship? You can purchase a residence for a year or two by purchasing property at the annual renewable low rates and you may request citizenship after 4 and 6 months of 5 years. 

When you want to buy a house in Turkey, you need to choose a city that suits you in every way. The most ideal city in Turkey can be a good option for you. The security of the home purchase contract, home insurance, education in schools and universities (Izmir, second place in universities in Turkey), livelihoods, health insurance, Treatment costs and the supporting laws of foreign investors are only part of the benefit of Izmir's livelihoods. In addition to all these conditions, our business competence is in Izmir. The experienced RE/MAX MyOfis team, who fully knows the districts and neighborhoods of Izmir and has a brilliant record in this area, will be with you at all stages of home purchases in Turkey. Proof of this claim is customers who have purchased our homes in Turkey, especially in Izmir. If you wish to contact our previous customers, we can provide for you. According to a survey conducted by prestigious foreign institutions, Izmir is known as the world's most ideal cities for living, housing and business. The cost of living in Izmir is 19% cheaper than Istanbul and almost equal to Ankara. On the other hand, when you want to buy a house no matter where in the world, you consider some factors. These factors are also available in Turkey. For example, the environmental safety of the place where you buy a house is important in terms of quality of life in Turkey. According to some research, such security parameters include theft, carjacking, violent behaviour, vandalism and Harassment.

In Turkey, elementary school starts at the age of 6 and lasts for 5 years, followed by about 4 years of secondary education. There are two types of public and private schools in Izmir. Public schools are free to go, but the amount of tuition in private schools varies depending on the degree of children. International schools in Izmir give education in four languages: English, French, German and Spanish. Here are some sample questions that might be useful to you: Question: I want to emigrate to Turkey and my son will do as an outsider in Turkey for reading his primary and secondary education. Is it possible to get education in Izmir schools thinking that he does not speak Turkish and English? Answer: Yes; Foreign language courses for foreign children are organized in Izmir schools and your child will be able to continue their education easily and use the common language as soon as possible. 

High School education lasts 4-5 years. High schools are in two types of public and Anatolia. Teaching method in Public schools is in standard form and in Anatolian School foreign languages are taught. At the end of the course, they can go to college after completing exams.

The university degree of Turkish universities is internationally recognised and valid. Universities in Turkey are taught in four languages including: English, French, Turkish and German. Free language learning courses are also available for students without Turkish grammar. The entrance exam at the graduate and doctoral level of Turkish universities is not national and each university performs a separate exam. Universities explain their lessons and entry capacities, and they also perform a test to attract students. Twice a year and they do a test to attract students. Currently, there are 8 universities in Izmir, including 6 public and 2 private universities. The Turkish Transport Aviation University (Central branch Office is in Ankara), also operates in Izmir City.

Ege University (Ege University)
Dokuz Eylul University (Dokuz Eylul University)
Faculty of Technology of Izmir (Izmir Institute of Technology)
Katıb Celebi University of Izmir (Izmir Kâtip Celebi University)
Bakirçay University (Bakirçay University)
Izmir Democracy University (Izmir University of Democracy) 

Economics University of Izmir (İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi)
University of Yasar (Yaşar Üniversitesi)
Turkish Aviation University (Türk Hava Kurumu Üniversitesi)
Faculty of Transportation (Hava Ulaştırma Fakültesi),

In order to obtain a working visa in Turkey, you need to obtain a work permit that can be requested in two ways in Turkey: 1) by your employer; 2) to act through the Turkish consulate

After coordinating with our sales specialists in Izmir, you can visit projects with information on the site, and then on your behalf, the file transfer process will be performed on a business day.

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